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How To Install Window Insulation Film


When it comes to office insulation, windows can be a source of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, but most people only insulate their roofs.  Now, however, there’s a growing demand for window insulation film which is a protective layer applied over the top of the window glass.




This transparent film enhances the window’s insulation, helping to keep the warm air in and the cold winter air outside and vice versa in summer. It can also help to reduce energy bills because, with the insulation film on your windows, your air conditioning or heater doesn’t have to work so hard.

Your shop front windows or office windows can be enhanced and insulated professionally by Colourtech, whose expert teams can apply custom window films with a striking graphic design to boost your branding and business visibility. Window films can either offer privacy, UV ray protection, and help with the thermoregulation of your work space. These films are a thin laminate with an adhesive backing placed either on the inside or outside of a window as a retrofit. You can install window films yourself, but professionals can ensure the films go on smoothly and easily - no tears, bubbles or wrinkles.

Colourtech works hard to ensure your products are created, executed and installed with the utmost precision, and quality by our experts. We love what we do - and you will too!

For the avid DIYer who wants to have a go at applying the window film, you can buy window insulation film kits from most hardware stores. It’s kinda like shrink-wrap plastic. You stick it around the window frames on the inside with double sided tape, blow it with a hairdryer until it’s as tight as a drum and then watch it work its magic. Be advised that the best time to do it in in dry, mild weather before the winter cold sets in. Apart from the kit, you’ll need a tape measure, hair dryer, scissors and lots of patience. Or Colourtech’s phone number for when you make a mess of the job.


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Step 1 - Preparing Your Window

The first step to installing window insulation is to measure the panes and buy the appropriate kit for the panes you want to cover. Make sure you have plenty of window tape as well (usually sold in the kits, but it doesn’t hurt to pick up an extra roll to make sure you are covered). Wipe down the window sill, frame and glass with a damp cloth. Open any blinds to keep them out of the way.  Once all surfaces are clean and dry, place tape around the entire window on the front of the moulding, about 2 cm from the edge of the frame. Press the tape down firmly, so it seals to the frame.

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Step 2 - Preparing the Window Insulation Film

Once your window is ready, you can unfold the plastic sheeting and lay it out for cutting. Ensure you use a dust-free surface to avoid contaminating the film. Measure and cut the plastic to your desired size, adding about 8-10cm to the dimensions of the window to be covered. The next step is probably the trickiest, so if you have someone around to help, now is a good time to recruit them. You need to apply the plastic to the window, starting at the top and firmly sticking the edge to the tape. Next, pull the sides taut and stick those to the tape. It is best to do this a little at a time, smoothing out the plastic film as you go. Once the film is in place, wipe over the tape to make sure it is holding securely.


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Step 3 - Finishing the job

To complete the window insulation job, set the hairdryer to a fairly high temperature. Run the hot air about 8-10 cm away from the window film to heat-shrink it across the area. Be careful not to burn the plastic. If your hairdryer is too hot, move it away a little further. Slowly blow back and forth to cover the entire window until all wrinkles have disappeared. Then carefully trim the excess plastic film from around the frame. Be careful not to pull the plastic off the tape as you cut. Your window insulation is complete. Congratulations.

To discuss window signage or Colourtech’s window insulation film (or striking custom graphics) for your shop front, office or home windows for UV ray protection, privacy, or thermoregulation of your work space, call our experts on 1300 944 350 or email: sales@colourtechnet today.

How To Install Window Insulation Film