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Corporate Events Signage Melbourne

Events Signage Services in Melbourne

Colourtech offers complete event signage services in Melbourne, utilising specialty large-scale printing solutions for an array of promotional applications. From impressive branded marquees to floor graphics, wall murals or banners and soft signage, our expert team will ensure your events held in Melbourne draws a crowd. Our high quality materials are guaranteed to look great, giving your event a cohesive, professional look that will wow attendees. We have experience with some of the biggest exhibition companies, shopfitters and media agencies in Melbourne creating custom event signage solutions that work. No matter your budget, time constraints or event size - we will have your signage perfected and ready to display on time, every time.




Event Sign Company Leader

Colourtech are one of the leading event sign companies in Melbourne, working with a myriad of large-scale operations to create memorable and eye-catching graphics for an array of event types. Not only do we supply quality signage solutions to nearby organisations in Melbourne but we also have experience working remotely to deliver the same high quality, on-time product - no matter where our clients are based across Australia. As one of the leading event sign company in the country, we pride ourselves on providing an unbeatable response time and exceptional quality. We have worked alongside media and advertising agencies, as well as various exhibition companies and event organisers in Melbourne to build a repertoire of experience that we are proud to bring to your next event.






Event Display

Events take many hours of planning, but ultimately how you display your products and services is what sells. One of the major draw-cards in event marketing is the ability to showcase a product or service in an interactive way for customers or clients, but first of all you need to capture their attention and bring them in. Make your Melbourne event display memorable with cohesive, clear signage that tells your story at first glance and strikes interest in those walking by. An attractive event display is an important promotional and advertising tool, so use the opportunity to your full advantage. Colourtech are the Melbourne signage experts who can help guide you in the right direction and recommend products that will work well for your business and complement your event space.



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Event Graphics

Well displayed and managed event graphics go a long way to attracting attendees and getting your business seen in Melbourne. If you are attending an event as a stallholder, quality graphics at your display and nearby will stand out and help prospective clients and customers understand who you are and what your business is about. When surrounded by competing displays and a lot of visual noise at events, you need to ensure your message is clear and inviting so you have the maximum opportunity to interact with those around you and showcase your brand. Before selecting your display media, take some time to ensure your graphics are of high quality so you can get the best from your new signage, banner or even spectacular custom marquee.

If you are hosting the event yourself, you need to organise the full suite of event graphics, including directional signage, event promotional signage and even health and safety signage. Colourtech experts can help guide you through this process to make sure you have everything you need to have a successful event.

Colourtech experts pride themselves on being great communicators, and with great communication comes service everyone can be proud of.





Advertising Signs

Setting up your Melbourne business display at an event, or even hosting your own industry event, is the prime time to invest in new advertising signs. Where corporate signage is intended to create brand awareness and familiarity, advertising signs give you the opportunity to highlight particular products or services and provide a little information (or ‘teaser’) to further spark interest in passersby. When it comes to advertising signs, often temporary solutions such as banners or pop ups are best, as they can be moved for best effect and utilised at a number of locations, even back at your retail shop or office in Melbourne.
If you are the event host, another essential item is advertising signs to draw in attendees. These can be strategically placed in nearby locations prior to the event date to raise awareness and spark interest, as well as providing information such as where and when the event will take place.





Banner Advertising

Banners are a fantastic addition to your advertising strategy as they are inexpensive, easy to move around and very versatile. Creating banners specific to your event audience in Melbourne ensures a targeted approach and maximum impact - here is your opportunity to engage at a personal level and make genuine customer contact and sales on the spot. Banner advertising is highly effective too, as the easy-to-see graphics and clear message can be seen over and over again by the same potential customers, giving them time to absorb the message and reinforcing your brand every time they walk by. Be strategic about where you stand your banners at events so you obtain optimal exposure - go for high traffic areas in Melbourne or orientate your banner at your stall or display so it can be clearly seen from anywhere in the room. You will be amazed at the positive impact something as simple as the tried-and-tested banner can have for your Melbourne based event.



Free-X-Stand Banner Mockup PSD

Banner Stand

There are a number of different banner stands to choose from, all are easy to use and cost-effective ways of advertising or promoting your Melbourne business. For indoors or in a protected area, static banners such as rollup banners, X banner stands or L banner stands are great portable options. These units take up very little space once packed away, making them easy to transport, and quick and easy to unroll to a large, eye-catching display to draw in customers and immediately capture their interest.
Outdoor banner stands are also available, including popular flag options. These help create a dynamic display and are easily customisable for colour, shape and graphics so they perfectly complement the other components of your Melbourne event signage.





Pop Up Banner

Pop up banners, also known as retractable, pull up or roller banners, are a must for any event, trade show or exhibition in Melbourne. These portable, lightweight, easy to use and extremely versatile promotional tools can be quickly and easily printed with your custom graphics, so you can have an eye-catching, crowd-drawing display in no time. One of the other positives about pop up banners is that they are very cost-effective - for a small price, you can have a quality banner that will showcase your brand time and time again, no matter where you take it. When you aren’t using your pop up banner, they take up very little storage space, and are ready to pull out again at a moment’s notice to take on the road to your next event or promotional opportunity.

Get maximum exposure and impact for your next event, with minimal effort thanks to the experts at Colourtech. We guarantee timely, quality results, every time.





Promotional Signage

Good quality promotional signage gets you noticed, helps reinforce your brand identity and lets customers know who you are and what you stand for. In an event setting, consistent and clear promotional signage helps differentiate your brand from the rest and acts as a virtual sales representative, capturing the attention of nearby customers and drawing them in so you have the opportunity to talk to them, answer questions and even close a deal. Promotional signage also helps reaffirm your branding and complements other marketing strategies, and is a cost-effective way to give your Melbourne business a consistent presence, wherever you go.




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Event Sign Experts

When you’re planning your next event in Melbourne, whether hosting yourself or attending as a stallholder, take a look at some of the amazing signage options now available. From simple directional signage, to promotional signage, advertising or display signage to showcase your products and services, our Melbourne signage experts will work with you to create the perfect suite for any occasion.

Colourtech’s event sign experts have a wealth of experience, technical knowledge and passion for what they do. No job is too small or too big, and we will go out of our way to create the perfect custom signage solution for you. Get seen at your next trade show, corporate event or industry showcase with Colourtech’s event signage experts at your side.

For more information on how Colourtech can help your business, contact us on 03 9486 9774 or email We are looking forward to working with you.


Corporate Events Signage Melbourne

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