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Window Graphics and Films Melbourne

Custom Window Graphic Services in Melbourne

Attract shoppers and clients to your Melbourne business with Colourtech’s custom window graphics. Affordable, versatile, durable  and extremely effective, our window graphics will have your Melbourne shopfront, vehicle or office windows making a statement and showcasing your branding quickly and easily. Printed on strong, easy-to-use material using our specialty large-format printing techniques, custom window graphics come in a range of films, stickers and decals for use on a range of applications. We can print your existing graphics, or one of our experts can assist you in coming up with the perfect design through our creative services. No matter where you are located across the country, we have experts nearby who can assist with all your window graphics needs.





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Window Graphic Designs

Choosing the right window graphic design is paramount to the success of your finished product. Our Melbourne signage experts are here to help, from initial concept right through to final approval and all services in between, we will work closely with you to ensure your design fits the bill. There are a few things to consider when you are creating your window graphic design. Firstly, think about visibility. Do you want people nearby to see into your Melbourne office or shop, or is part of the purpose of your stickers to act as an attractive, multi-functional screen. You also need to take into account the glass and how it is segmented into panes, as well as  considerations such as tinting and size. Colourtech’s graphic design services will work through these factors with you for a finished product you will be proud of.


Colourtech works hard to ensure your product are created, executed and installed with the utmost precision, and quality by our experts. We love what we do - and you will too!





Window Films

Adding custom window films with a striking graphic design to your shopfont, office or even car window is a great way to boost your branding and business visibility in Melbourne. Window films can also offer privacy, protection against UV rays and even aid with thermoregulation of your work space. Available in a variety of forms, films are essentially a thin laminate with an adhesive backing that are added to either the inside or outside of a window as a retrofit. While you can install them yourself, our Melbourne signage experts can ensure your custom window films go on smoothly and easily - no tears, bubbles or wrinkles.






Window Stickers

Window stickers are often the choice for outdoor applications, as they are durable and hold up to the weather over time. They are waterproof, fade-resistant and very versatile, making them value for money when it comes to custom branding solutions. For a more subtle look, design your window stickers with a clear backing that showcases your graphics but allows transparency with a slightly high-end appearance. If you are going bold, our experts will create a more traditional window sticker with sharp lines, bright colours and eye-catching detail that can be seen from afar. Perforated stickers allow one-way visibility, offering privacy while reinforcing your Melbourne business' branding and personality. Use your stickers to get your logo seen, promote a sale or simply brighten up your windows to catch the attention of those nearby.


Colourtech guarantees your custom window graphics will last the distance - they will not peel, fade or blister, no matter the application.





Window Decals

The terms ‘window stickers’ and ‘window decals’ are often used interchangeably, but there are slight differences. The word decal is short for  ‘decalcomania’ and refers to temporary graphics that give a decorative appeal to a variety of surfaces, most commonly in the business world on walls or  windows. Where stickers are removed from a backing sheet and applied to the surface using an adhesive or glue, decals are transferred from one surface to another. This method makes them more reusable than stickers and the semi-permanent nature enables your graphics to be changed up quickly, easily and inexpensively. Discuss your needs with the Colourtech experts to find the right product and have new, eye-catching window decals for your business in Melbourne created today.




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Window Graphic Expert

Creating eye-catching window graphics that stops those nearby in their tracks is a great addition to your overall branding and marketing campaign. With a range of solutions to fit every space, style and budget, Colourtech’s experts will guide you through the process from initial concept, to graphic design and quality installation. From a variety of different window films to durable window stickers and decals to show off your logo or personalised graphics, we can transform your shopfront or office window from plain to simply spectacular.

Window graphics are an affordable, easy way to add personality to your work space or business vehicle, get seen by clients and customers, and reinforce your brand in Melbourne. The semi-permanent nature gives you optimal flexibility to update your graphics at a whim, or move your artwork as your business grows and evolves.





To discuss how custom window graphics can benefit your Melbourne business, give the Colourtech experts a call on 03 9486 9774 or email:

Window Graphics and Films Melbourne

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