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Signage Solutions Melbourne

Custom Signage Services in Melbourne


Here at Colourtech, we understand the need for quality signage solutions that fit your business to build your brand and attract your target clients and customers in Melbourne. Our custom signage services ensure just that; from design through to installation, our experts will help you seamlessly integrate all branding requirements into eye-catching, quality displays that make you look good. From full office fit-outs to shop window graphics, fascias and awnings, informational signage and advertising, we do it all.

We have a range of signage solutions available in Melbourne, including high tech digital, electronic and illuminated signs, to more traditional metal, wooden or A-frame signs to quietly complement existing branding. Together, we can come up with a comprehensive custom signage plan to get your Melbourne business noticed for all the right reasons.

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Sign Design

Great signs start with great design  - no matter how beautiful your sign is, it won’t have the desired effect unless the design is correct.

The first thing to consider is where your sign will be seen. Is it outdoors where people nearby have just a few seconds to see it as they go past? Or indoors as part of your interior decorating or advertising, where customers have more time to take in the message? Also consider the purpose of the sign. Is it merely to attract attention and brand awareness? Or is it intended to inform or entertain? This will largely determine how much information you need to include when writing the copy, as well as the colour scheme and layout.

Be creative with the typography and colours to help your message stand out, but don’t over complicate the design. Sometimes, less is more. Contrasting colours are popular on signage as the boldness commands attention but is pleasing to the eye. White space is also important to draw attention to important words or phases, as well as to help your message be seen rather than lost in a sea of words and images.

Colourtech’s Melbourne signage experts can help with your sign designs to ensure you get the most from the finished product. From signwriting to finessing the layout, we know signs and are always happy to help.

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Digital Signs

Our digital signage solutions open up a wonderful opportunity to give your Melbourne customers and clients additional information about your products or services in an easy and relaxed way. For example, many Melbourne offices are now investing in electronic screens that are programmed with client testimonials, industry information, news or infotainment relevant to their business. Large office blocks also utilise digital signage for wayfinding, and restaurants in Melbourne utilise the technology for programmable menu boards or specials. The possibilities are vast!

Your Melbourne Colourtech signage experts can help you select the best digital signage solution to fit your needs and guide you on creating and programming ongoing content. Network complexity varies depending on the type and frequency of the digital content you are looking to showcase for your Melbourne business, but costs and usability are improving as technology advances.




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Electronic Signs

Electronic signage is bright and eye-catching media that can really catch the attention of your customers in Melbourne. Thanks to ever-evolving technology, electronic signs are becoming clearer, more vivid and more versatile in their retail and business applications in Melbourne. Animation, for example, is a fun way to interact with your customers and other moving displays such as revolving slides or short videos capture attention quickly as well. The term ‘electronic signage’ covers illuminated displays using technologies including fluorescent signs, high-intensity displays (HID), LED and neon.

Large electronic signs (especially external versions) in Melbourne can be expensive, but it is worth looking into these options to see what works well for your business. Even smaller indoor electronic signs can have a lasting positive impact when programmed and executed well. After all, the exposure to customers and potential conversions to sale may well outweigh the cost of the sign.

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Illuminated Signs

Get noticed with bright illuminated signage on your shopfront or business in Melbourne. Whether day or night, customers and clients are sure to notice your brand. Illuminated signs are simply that - signage brightened up with lights, usually LED or neon. With broadening creativity and technology at your disposal, there are many options and styles to choose. From the more corporate-looking backlit signs or 3D lettering, to fun and retro neon signs, there is something for every Melbourne business. External illuminated signs are very popular, but there are options for brightening up your interior as well. This may be a wall display, or smaller lightboxes to draw attention to a particular area of your shop or product.Get creative and be bold with lights!




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LED Signs

LED signs are a popular way to light up your branding and draw attention to your logo, company name or specific products or services you offer in Melbourne. You can also use LED sign boards as a way to communicate information to customers, such as a sale, promotion, event or even industry news, and indoor as well as  outdoor versions are available. LED lighting has become popular in  house lighting as well as corporate and retail displays due to their longer lifespan than halogen or incandescent lighting and a greater energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective and durable option. The acronym LED stands for ‘light emitting diode’, where electricity is converted to light through a semiconductor device. There are different ways you can use LEDs in signage, such as a digital version that displays your graphic or information across a board covered with small lights. The configuration of the different lights and colour combinations coordinate to create a whole image, a bit like a jigsaw! LEDs can also be used to back-light plastic signs, in lightboxes or to highlight a wall design  or logo.

Colourtech’s experts are highly skilled in both technical ability as well as understanding your needs, providing effective custom signage solutions that will enhance your Melbourne business and help it grow.

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Neon Signs

Go old school with a spectacular neon sign for your business in Melbourne.There is no mistaking the glow of a neon light, but done correctly, they can be a wonderful addition to your custom signage suite. Neon signs are very versatile in design and aesthetic but simplicity is always best here. To create your sign, the sign maker skillfully bends glass tubes of varying dimensions into the required shapes. Once put together, the glass tubes are filled with a gas that glows when charged with an electrical current. There are many colours and writing styles to choose from, and our Melbourne Colourtech experts are always happy to help create a signage solution that suits your business.

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Light Box Signs

A lightbox sign is a type of illuminated sign where a logo or graphic is created on a frame and a lighting source built inside. Most often, the illumination source is from LED lights due to their longevity and energy efficiency. Lightbox signs can be created from a custom design, tailored to suit the location it is to be displayed, the look and feel of your company and (of course) your budget. This type of signage is durable and installation is easy - and there are always Colourtech experts to help. Whether at the front of your shop or office to capture the attention of those nearby, or inside to add colour and interest, there is a lightbox solution to suit your business in Melbourne.





Metal Signs

Colourtech's metal signage solutions in Melbourne offer eye-catching visuals for your business and are customisable for size, and printing design. With a sleek look and installation as simple as clamping it to the wall, this durable media is one of the most popular ways to showcase company branding. Rust-proof, lightweight aluminium is the most commonly used metal for this type of signage as it is suitable for indoors as well as outdoor applications. Metal signs lend themselves well to creative signwriting and design, with high quality presses used to transfer  printing to the aluminium sheet for clear lines and bold colour. Metal signs can be used in a number of ways, from simple branding to navigation aids or displaying an important image or information about your business' products and services in Melbourne.



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Magnetic Signs

You may be more familiar with magnetic signs that you first think - these are the signs that adorn many company cars, trucks and other vehicles you pass every day in Melbourne! Vehicle magnetic signs can be designed in a range of sizes and shapes to customise the look. From simple brand names displays to more elaborate signwriting or graphics, these versatile and popular signs are a fantastic and effective way to advertise your Melbourne business.The other popular use for magnetic signs is as refrigerator magnets. Small but mighty, branded fridge magnets offer a business daily exposure and are cheap, meaning you can easily budget for large quantities to give away at events, promotions or through community organisations.
Magnetic signs are created using a vinyl surface glued to a magnetic backing. A gloss lamination over the top gives them durability, so they will continue to champion your business for years to come.





Wooden Signs

Wooden signs offer a classic, warm look to your branding and are best used inside your shop or office in Melbourne. There is a variety of beautiful types of wood you can use for your sign, from the cheaper plywood, through to the richer oak, redwood or cedar. Once you have selected the type of wood you prefer, your sign maker will help you decide on your design and guide you through the choice of printing and finishes. Engraving and carving are popular choices for wooden signs as they are long-lasting and give the sign that classic, homely look. Wood can be painted to create a piece of art that you can proudly display, or printed for displaying a larger graphic or photo.

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Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a much larger investment than some of your other signage options, but they certainly get your Melbourne business seen! Pylon signs are the roadside structures you often see out the front of shopping centres or service stations, but don’t let this scale put you off. Custom options include smaller variations for businesses of all types in Melbourne. They are constructed from steel mounted onto reinforced concrete footings to ensure they stand up to any weather conditions and last for many years as your business grows. Installation is best left to the experts on this one, who can also guide you through any council approvals you need as well.




A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are an economical, versatile and practical way to promote your Melbourne business and attract prospective customers and clients. Also known as a sandwich board, an a-frame sign is a double-sided board that hinges at the top so it can stand alone, then is easily folded up for storage when no longer needed. These signs may be useful indoors to welcome customers to your shop or office, or as a notice board for a promotion or event your company is running. You will often see a-frame signs as sidewalk advertisements at the front of a business or to direct people to an event, building entry or parking area. There is plenty of scope for creative signwriting on a-frame boards and the design can be as bold, colourful or simple as you like.

No matter your signage needs, Colourtech guarantee a comprehensive custom strategy that perfectly fits the look, feel and purpose of your Melbourne business.





Shop Signs

Shop signs are primarily designed to get your products seen by customers and help convert to sales. Clever signwriting can really help a new product stand out, letting your customer know what it is, why they need it and how to get it! There is a wide variety of generic shop signs you can purchase, for example ‘sale’ or that you can strategically place near items, but there are many custom options as well. Banners are great ways to promote your shop and products and can be created as indoor or outdoor versions. Posters are an easy, cost-effective shop sign solution and can be designed for either long term or temporary use, adding an eye-catching pop of colour to your front window or counter to draw people in. Talk to our Melbourne signage experts to see what shop sign solutions may suit your business.


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Business Signs

Successful businesses need successful signage, so take some time to decide what options suit you. Consistent branding is a must throughout your business signage so prospective clients know who and what to look for, as well as some idea of what to expect. Outdoor signs are visible day in, day out, so it is essential they correctly portray your brand to passers by. Signs inside reinforce your brand messages and help clients understand a little more about you and why they need your services. When it comes to marketing your business or events in Melbourne, good signage is a cost-effective way of reaching thousands of people each day. Once the initial investment is made, your signs will stand by you and do their job for many years to come.





Corporate Signs

Even in the corporate world, effective signs are must for brand exposure and attracting clients. While a bright neon sign may not be the look you are going for in the corporate arena, there are numerous options available where the more sleek, pared-back, sophisticated aesthetic is required. In this fast-paced world where competition for the client dollar is high, consistent visual marketing will help your Melbourne business get noticed - for all the right reasons. Corporate signs greatly enhance company logo recognition and can be useful in promoting services or key staff members. Once you have decided what look and feel you are going for, chat to one of our experts to get your signage suite perfectly complementing who you are and what your business stands for.


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Sign Maker

Your sign maker is the person who will primarily design, manufacture and install your new signage. These experts have a keen eye for detail, a high level of drawing and design ability, great communication and fantastic problem solving skills. When you are working with your sign maker on a custom job, it is essential you are clear in communicating your needs, as well as some information on any existing branding, what your company does, the business ethos and intended target market in Melbourne. This will help ensure a finished sign that will complement your business and be relevant long into its evolution.



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Sign Writing

When looking at the content of your sign, or the sign writing, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, be succinct in the wording. People only have a few seconds in most instances to look at your signage, so the message needs to be clear and concise. Keep it clutter-free - too much information is worse than not enough. The aim is to get the attention of potential customers or clients and encourage them to seek further information or engage with your Melbourne business in some way. It should go without saying, but ALWAYS proofread your sign writing. Spelling errors are unfortunately very common in signage and too often the wording can be misinterpreted. This reflects badly on the business, don’t let that be you!



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Sign Printing

There are numerous sign printing methods that your signage experts may use to create your masterpiece. For versatile lettering, often cut vinyl is the go-to choice. The required shapes are cut from vinyl film and give a clean, durable finish to your sign. Solvent printing and aqueous printing are common methods of sign printing that produce high-resolution images in full colour, as does screen printing. This is where a fine mesh is used as a stencil to create images on the material below, rather than direct printing like some of the other methods. For something a little more subtle, engraving can look amazing when done well and can be combined with other printing methods on materials such as plastic, wood or metal. Talk to your Melbourne signage printing experts at Colourtech today to decide on the best options for your needs.



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Sign Installation

Some signage is easy to install yourself, such as banners, metal signs, magnetic signs, a-frame signs or wooden signs. These are a simple case of putting them up in the correct location by using clips or ropes. Window graphics can also installed yourself, but take your time so you end up with a perfect result - you don’t want creases and bubbles through your brand new artwork in your Melbourne office building! Other sign installation requires the help of experts, especially when there are electricity or heights involved. Keep yourself safe and don’t risk accident and injury by trying to balance on a ladder while playing with exposed wires - it is not worth it!





Sign Experts

Colourtech’s experts are here to help with all of your business signage solutions in Melbourne. From initial consult to final installation and beyond, we will work with you every step of the way to create effective signage to enhance your business, promote your branding and attract customers and clients. At Colourtech, we pride ourselves on great communication and customer service second-to-none, so you can be assured your Melbourne business will be well looked after. Our full-service project management team are adept at problem solving and creative thinking, and our skilled technicians get the job done right, on time and to-spec - every time.



If you are looking for quality signage solutions for your company or shop in Melbourne, look no further than Colourtech for top-class service and stand-out results. Contact us on 03 9486 9774 or email

Signage Solutions Melbourne

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