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What Types of Signage Will Make My Event Successful?



To make sure your event goes above and beyond the expectations of all your visitors, investing in high-quality event signage with appealing visuals is undoubtedly a necessity. Signage is involved in almost all aspects of your event: from drawing in attendees, guiding them throughout your event, and even to the last steps your visitors take before leaving your event venue – signage is key.




Whether it’s a conference, product launch, or trade show, here are several types of signage to include at your next event.



Having experience in providing signage for large-scale exhibition companies, shopfitters, and media agencies, Colourtech can create customised signage for any event regardless of budget, time constraints, and event size.





Informational and Wayfinding Signage


You can just imagine how frustrated and confused your visitors will feel at a conference or any event, when basic directions to the restroom or even information on parking is nowhere to be found – their interest level would plummet, significantly damaging your event’s reputation. At the bare minimum, here are the basic informational and wayfinding signages your event should have:



  • Activity markers
  • Informational kiosks and customer service
  • Directions (e.g. entrance and exits)




Event Graphics and Displays


When designing Event Graphics and Display signage, you’d want to clearly communicate your message and ultimately leave an impression that lasts with your attendees - even well after the event has ended.

Using bold and inviting graphic signage for your event can set the atmosphere for your attendees as soon as they step into the venue. On the other hand, Event Display signs can showcase detailed information that you’d want your visitors to know about.

As an example, in the case of holding a business conference, Event Display signage may be used to introduce attending employees about certain projects that will be discussed further into the conference.



Colourtech knows how to draw in a crowd: Whether you need wall murals, floor graphics, soft signage, marquees, or other signages for your event, Colourtech will deliver the perfect signage solution that will get heads turning.





Banner advertising


It wouldn’t make sense to fall short on advertising your event – especially if it’s a one-off that crucially depends on reaching as many people as possible. It’s a good idea to advertise your event with as much attraction possible; and with banners advertisements, it’s hard to miss.

Install your banner advertisements in busy areas with a lot of foot-traffic to gain maximum exposure and reach your target market as best it can.





Creative Event Signage


Events can be visually overwhelming as every business is fighting for the spotlight with their array of colourful signages. Approaching the game from a different angle by promoting interactivity with signages is a great way to retain an audience at your event.

Some examples include floor signage, graffiti walls, stair wraps, and signs that blend in with the natural landscape. By promoting your attendees to interact with your signage (like taking a photo and uploading it on social media), not only does that provide a more enjoyable experience but the marketing is effectively taken care of. 



Colourtech are experienced experts when it comes to corporate events signage: Our specialty services include Retail signage, Exhibitions & events, Sporting events, and even Large-scale promotions.





Pop Up Banners and Banner Stands


For events that may be at several locations or need to be moved around often, opt for pop up and banner stand signage. Being cost-friendly and flexible in its arrangements, this is an ideal option to go with to effectively promote your event without breaking your budget.

These types of signage require little space and can be easily transported to different locations, making it an affordable and convenient option for event planners.

Poor event signage will ruin any event – regardless of how extravagant or large-scale it is. Event planning can be easier than you’d think with the right help. Hiring signage experts at Colourtech can ensure all your banner, advertising, pop-up, and other signage needs will be taken care of with beautiful visual results.

The experts at Colourtech can help you create the perfect signages for your next event. Contact us today on 03 9486 9774 or email

What Types of Signage Will Make My Event Successful?