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7 Tips To Create Compelling Signage For Your Retail Store

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Your signage is one of the most important ways your business communicates with customers. It draws people in, tells them what you are selling and can even take a prospective buyer right through to point of purchase! Great signage is also paramount to your branding by reinforcing important messages, boosting visual recognition of your logo and associated artwork, as well as adding to the personality of your business.


There are many ways to get signage wrong, but we are here to help you get it RIGHT - first time, every time. We have put together the top seven tips to create compelling signage for your retail store to increase sales and branding efforts while guiding customers in the right direction.


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Keep copy simple

The ‘copy’ simply means the wording you use. When a prospective customer walks past your sign, you have mere seconds to influence them into visiting your store. While writing less words may seem easier, often, it is quite the opposite! Get creative with the language you use to portray maximum message in as few words possible. Brainstorm each idea before you start, think about how you can use images to enhance your message (after all, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’!) and think carefully about how it is all put together in your display.


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Give them a reason

As you work your way around the copy for your retail sign, think about why a customer would buy your product. Give them a reason, and frame it concisely and simply. Most often, the ‘reason’ is a simplified solution to a possible problem, such as: ‘manage your money’; or ‘update your wardrobe’; or ‘need more hours in your day?’. The right customer will quickly get the idea and head in-store to find out more.

Give them an action

Following on from providing your customer with a reason, is adding a call to action. When it comes down to it, your retail sign is an advertisement - so tell customers what you want them to do! Whether you own a high-end boutique, a local corner store or a shop catering to a niche market, it is a good idea to keep the language generic and simple (as per the point on minimal copy). Opt for short, well-recognised words in your display, such as ‘buy’, speak’, ‘talk’, ‘visit’ or even ‘sell’ if appropriate to your business.

Get personal

Compelling signage is that which speaks to the customer directly, so be personal in your approach. Use words such as ‘you’ and ‘yours’ in the display to help people visualise how your product or service will benefit them, so they are ready to seek further information or discuss the options with you in-store.



Keep it light

It pays to stray away from boring and mundane signage  - these are highly likely to be overlooked amongst the sea of bright colours and competing displays in any retail centre. Instead, create imagery from light-hearted illustrations, or employ double entendres, puns and jokes to draw attention to your shop. While jokes and puns may induce an eye-roll from many customers, this still means the sign has done its job and that customer will remember you!

Ensure readability

Once you have your wording sorted, you can work on the look of your signage display. When collaborating with your designer, aim to keep the finished sign simple and clean. The amount of white space, the font and how each element fits together can dramatically change the way a sign looks, so don’t be afraid to play around with a few options or sketch out a mock-up before proceeding to print. There’s no need to spend hours here either - you will know the right look when you see it! Colourtech experts are extremely experienced in this area and are always on hand to offer advice and assistance no matter your business - so you are never alone!

Take it for a test run


Placement of your finished sign is just as important as the content, so don’t overlook this aspect of the process. Compelling content is no good if it can’t be seen! Take some time to move your display around your shop to see where it looks best and will have the greatest effect. It may help to recruit a second (or third) set of eyes (and hands) to help you out, or you may lose hours going from wall to window to wall again!

As you can see, creating compelling signage for your retail store isn’t difficult. A succinct message, clean look and perfect placement all work together for maximum impact of your display that will draw customers in and benefit your business through increased sales and brand recognition.

Colourtech experts are here to help with all of your signage needs, with a wide variety of retail signage solutions to fit every boutique, shop, or store.

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7 Tips To Create Compelling Signage For Your Retail Store