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Custom LED Signs Melbourne

Led signage


LED signs are flat panel displays that use light emitting diodes as pixels to display information. Common uses include displaying destination indicators on public transport vehicles and messages on highways. More businesses in Melbourne are now using LED signs to reach their customers with targeted messaging. Their energy efficiency makes them a more cost effective alternative to filament lights. Use custom LED signs in your Melbourne business to increase brand awareness or highlight a new promotion. Colourtech offers custom signage solutions that are tailored to fit your business.

LED Light Signs

LED light signs are composed of individual lights that can be programmed in many different ways. This flexibility makes it possible to display your logo or messaging in an eye-catching manner, something you can’t do with neon or fluorescent signs. If you’re looking to have your Melbourne business signage stand out from the rest – all while saving energy and being eco-friendly – then LED light signs offer one of the best ways to reach your potential customers.

LED Display Signs

Effective signage is an essential component of any promotion strategy. Adding a sign to your business premises in Melbourne has tremendous value as it can actively promote your business at all hours of the day. LED signs have been utilised for decades, but technological advancements have made these displays more cost effective and vivid than ever before. LED display signs offer more than traditional print signage, because the message can be changed at a moment’s notice – Promote an ongoing special one week and announce new products the next.

Outdoor LED Signs

What makes LED signs such a valuable marketing tool is their striking brightness. LEDs have a high lumen/watt score, making them appear brighter and more vibrant than incandescent bulbs. Outdoor LED signs can stand out at night and even during the day when the sun is bright. Whether customers are walking by or driving past, they will get a clear view of your message no matter what time it is.

If you’re asking, “Are there any LED signage services near me?”, or if you’re searching online for custom signs nearby made for your business in Melbourne, then Colourtech has exactly you need. Contact us on 03 9486 9774 or email

Custom LED Signs Melbourne