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Digital Printing Melbourne

Digital Printing


What Is Digital Printing

Digital printing methods differ from offset printing (offset uses a printing plate). With digital printing, digital-based designs or images are printed straight onto a variety of fabrics, underlying layers, or surfaces called ‘substrates’. Desktop publishing or PDF files can go directly to the digital printing press to print on canvas, paper, synthetics, fabrics, cardstock, photographic paper, and other substrates. Digital printing machines can print on everything from heavyweight papers, folding cartons, thick cardstock to fabrics such as linen and polyester, plastics and other synthetic substrates. T-shirts are the most popular applications for digital printing services in Melbourne.



Digital Screen Printing in Melbourne

Since the printing is done straight onto the garment, both silk (or synthetic) screen printing and digital screen printing are known as Direct to Garment (DTG) printing. With digital screen printing, the design is created on a computer and printed straight onto the fabric or surface. Using CMYK water-based inks, countless colours and blends can be printed. All the colours go onto the printable surface at the same time in little droplets of hot ink that cool immediately. There’s no messing about with stencils or screen preparation. In some situations, it may be more economical to use digital screen printing for your Melbourne business, since one item or hundreds can be printed, which would be too expensive and time-consuming if done using traditional screen printing. 


Digital Printing Services in Melbourne

At Colourtech, our services include customised, large-scale print solutions whether for printing, finishing, and installing materials for major international events, or branding and advertising signage inside buses or trains. No matter what your printing or signage needs, our services are wide-ranging, and our skilled technicians can handle any job with expertise and professionalism. We offer large format printing services, both digital and offset, screen printing, digital screen printing, wall and window graphics and films in Melbourne. Our services also include branding print, rollouts, installation and fit-outs, signage, illuminated and pylon signage, fabrication, rollup units and shape-cutting.

At Colourtech, we are specialists when it comes to retail shops and shopping centres, reception areas, office fit-outs, transport and events in Melbourne. We also specialise in construction signage and printing services, and we work with Melbourne based architects, project management companies, commercial builders, graphic designers and brand agencies.  


If you’re wondering, “Are there any digital screen printing services near me”, or if you're searching online for quality digital screen-printed signage solutions nearby in Melbourne for your shop or business premises, Colourtech has everything you need. We offer superior service and exceptional results not only for our Melbourne clients but Australia-wide and even across the world. Contact us on 03 9486 9774 or email

Digital Printing Melbourne