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5 Types of Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore



In business, you can’t afford to be ignored, whether you’re operating a national organisation, or running your own firm. And to drive sales and attract customers or clients, quality signage is critical. Signage can be seen as your silent but best-performing salespeople. 



 It helps your customers to find their way around your shop without having to ask sales staff. Also, just as you set a standard for your staff members, the messaging on your signs should comply as well. The visibility, colours and quality of your signage has to be professional, showing where departments or products are located and giving sales and other necessary information. The following five types of signage are those no retailer should ever ignore:

Colourtech supplies print and signage both in-house and outsourcing through our large network of second-tier suppliers.
We can help with all the development of projects from conception right through to the installation of the final product. We work on projects in all states and territories of Australia as well as for the overseas market.


Shop Front Signage


1. Shop Front Signage

The classic marketing tool for all types of businesses is shop front signage, and there are some fabulous options from which to choose. Your business has to be noticed, and the choices for shop front signage range from 3D illuminated lettering that really turns heads to the subtlety of small, backlit signs or whatever suits your business style. You only have to walk into an office building to see their unmistakably attention-grabbing logo behind the reception desk. Or walk through a busy, luxury shopping mall and you’ll see signs that make an impact are the ones that stand out. Colourtech shop front signage can help you outshine your competitors and attract more customers who come through your door.

At Colourtech, you can be sure that if it’s big,  we print it. If there are large quantities, we print them. We are a team of dedicated print professionals specialising in large prints, and long runs (large quantities).
We can do work anywhere anytime - we go the extra mile.



Car Sticker Decals


2. Car Sticker Decals and Magnets

What better way to advertise your business than to have it moving in traffic all over town for all eyes to see? With signage on your company’s vehicles, your message will be seen by thousands of people every day, whether they’re out on the road or parked at a customer’s premises. The chance to advertise your business in the form of a magnetic vehicle sign is never ending, and with magnetic signs, they can be changed whenever you want, or go from one vehicle to another. Colourtech vehicle signage will make sure you are not ignored.



Wind Flyer Signage


3. Wind Flyer Signage

Wind flyers signage can be specially designed for the outdoors and for all kinds of weather. Images are printed onto very strong fabric and mounted onto a heavy base that’s designed to help resist wind gusts. The base also allows the tall flyer to freely rotate, commanding attention so your message is flying high and it’s also instantly visible. You can choose to have your flyer printed on one side, or there is the option of having both sides printed onto a blockout fabric.




4. A-Frame or Sandwich Boards

To get the best from footpath advertising, you can’t go past an A-Frame sign. These are the perennial favourites of restaurants and shops whether for the day’s special meal or a product on special. In a busy street, your A-frame will make your shop stand out from your competition’s - they draw the extra traffic and catch the eyes of passers-by.


Affordable Corflute Signs


5. Affordable Corflute Signs

If you have an event planned, or you’re running a retail special, then custom corflute signs can help you create attention. Corflutes are affordable, so you can improve your visibility at a fraction of the usual cost of signage; they don’t bleach or fade easily, and they’re weatherproof. They can withstand strong winds if they’re supported correctly. Corflute is also flexible, so if you need a three-sided sign (a ‘Toblerone’ ) to use almost anywhere, just fold the sign in two places.





At Colourtech we can supply all your signage needs no matter where you live. Quotes are done by email, and we spend plenty of time on the phone coordinating and planning. Call us on 1300 944 350, send a message to, or fill in an online form today.

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5 Types of Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore