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4 Benefits To An Open Exhibition Stand Design

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When designing your trade show exhibition booth, there are so many things to consider - the aesthetic, setup difficulties and let’s not forget cost. One of the most effective display methods is the open stand design. This type of display opens the door to an immense degree of creativity and flexibility and ensures your space is highly user-friendly.


Keeping the layout of your space free, open and easy to get around will ensure maximum occupancy, happier trade show visitors and a better chance for you to move around and speak to people as well. A great design will reinforce your key branding messages and aid you and your sales team in securing that all-important end goal - customers.

Here are our top 4 benefits to an open exhibition stand design and tips on making the most of your layout.


Colourtech experts can help you create the ideal trade show exhibition to showcase your products and services to their highest potential. From initial planning right through to setup, Colourtech is your trusted go-to for trade show results.



Maximise creativity

An open display gives rise to countless opportunities in the layout and look of the booth. Open displays are custom-created for the exact needs of your business, opening the door for an innovative, creative, show-stopping scene that will draw customers in and keep them interested.

Open displays have come a long way from the traditional island-type, and now the freedom an open space allocation allows within the exhibition centre is highly sought-after.

Aim to maximise the space you are allocated with clever use of to-scale furniture, strategically-placed presentation boards and stand pieces, and a layout that simply makes logical sense to those winding their way through the display. Make the most of the ‘openness’ by clever partitioning and segmentation of your display area into appropriate spaces while allowing maximum interaction from the surrounds.

When working with Colourtech, you are guaranteed a quality, show-stopping display to be proud of at your next trade show or exhibition.

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Allow visitor mobility

Your open booth space has a fantastic advantage of allowing optimal comfort, mobility and maneuverability for visitors. Rather than being squished into a tight, covered or cornered area, your display visitors will be invited in to a non-confrontational, free space. As mentioned above, the open design allows so much scope for clever layout and creativity, giving you the opportunity to showcase your product or service to more people as they enjoy an easy browse around your display.

The more open space also gives you better scope to move around your booth and talk to people. After all, your eye-catching display and wealth of information goes a long way to securing a customer, but the real work comes from that personal interaction and interest!

Be central to the action

A major benefit to an open trade show display is that they can be placed anywhere in the exhibition arena, including front-and-centre to the action. Rather than being restricted by the need for walls, the open design can more-or-less be placed anywhere.

If you are able to be located somewhere near the middle of the trade show floor, you are in a perfect position to maximise display visitors with your clever, creative design.

Being located centrally has the advantage of getting your booth seen multiple times by the same people, increasing the chance they will stop in and take a closer look at your display. You will be right in the thick of the action - so expect a busy day!

Reinforcing branding

The massive scope for creative display options when it comes to an open exhibition format allows you to really hone in your branding messages and present them in the most effective way possible. Your cleverly constructed  display booth must define your brand and act as a conduit to pique interest in passers by, so you and your sales team experience no shortage of leads.

The open booth style can be very powerful, and is a great way to place your brand as one that is ‘open’ and ‘flexible’. A display like this also proves creativity and innovation, two extremely important values in today’s highly-competitive world of business.

As you can see, there are fantastic  benefits to utilising an open exhibition stand display. Why not create your own open display at the next trade show or exhibition, and reap the rewards of improved visibility, more visitor interaction and a positive branding experience?

To get started, contact the knowledgeable and passionate team at Colourtech today - we are looking forward to hearing from you.

4 Benefits To An Open Exhibition Stand Design