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Our Services in Melbourne

Whether it’s branding and advertising on the inside of a Melbourne commuter train or printing, finishing, and installing conference materials at a major international event, Colourtech provides customised, large-scale print solutions for every client, whether in Australia or overseas.

Our outstanding Melbourne-based print service is always:

  • Solutions-focused for the largest and trickiest jobs

  • Fast, precise, and always delivered on time

  • Technically proficient and detailed

  • Expertly installed according to safety guidelines in Australia


Large Format Printing - Ideal For Sidewalks in Melbourne

Large Format Printing


Here at Colourtech in Melbourne, we are the experts in large scale wall and window graphic solutions, we can skillfully turn your space into a seamless, bold display that will leave your clients in awe. As well as interior applications, Colourtech offers large scale printing solutions for events and exhibitions, as well as transport, so you can showcase your branding wherever you go.


Signage solutions - For All Types of Melbourne Businesses

Signage Solutions

Colourtech understands the need for quality signage solutions that fit your business to build your brand and attract your target clients and customers. 

Our Melbourne-based custom signage services ensure just that; from design through to installation, our experts will help you seamlessly integrate all branding requirements into eye-catching, quality displays that make you look good. From full office fit-outs to shop window graphics, fascias and awnings, informational signage and advertising, we do it all for our Australian and international clients. 


Retail Solutions - Getting Your Melbourne Business Seen and Heard

Retail Solutions

Get your business seen and your voice heard with Colourtech’s retail signage solutions. Your business' greatest asset is your brand, so make the most of it with signage that will stand out from the crowd. 

With experience working alongside companies from various sectors of the retail industry, both in Melbourne and internationally, Colourtech experts will manage your project with ease for a bold, unique display that is sure to turn any nearby heads.


Corporate Events Signage - Promoting Large Scale Exhibitions and Professional Events in Melbourne

Corporate Events Signage

Our high quality materials are guaranteed to look great, giving your event a cohesive, professional look that will wow attendees. 

We have experience with some of the biggest exhibition companies, shopfitters and media agencies in Melbourne and overseas, to create custom event signage solutions that work. No matter your budget, time constraints or event size - we will have your signage perfected and ready to display on time, every time.


Exhibition Wall Graphics And Displays - Creative Visuals that Pique Curiosity About your Products, Services, and Events in Melbourne

Exhibition Wall Graphics And Displays

If your business has an exhibition or conference on the cards, talk to the experts at Colourtech for a stand-out, eye-catching custom display that will really draw a crowd and promote your message. 

Our solutions-focused team in Melbourne will go the extra mile to ensure your exhibition display is exactly what you need, covering formats such as free-standing displays, soft signage, wall graphics, building signage and full exhibition installs. 


Office Installation and Fit-outs - To Bring Vibrance and Sophistication to your Office Space in Melbourne

Office Installation and Fit-outs

Having a functional office space that has been fitout for your business needs is a must for maximum productivity and success, and many companies are seeing the benefits every day. 

Colourtech is proud to offer full office fitout services, complete from initial concept and design through to quality installation. Contact our experts in Melbourne to see how Colourtech can fitout your office and take your productivity to the next level.


Window Graphics and Films - Showcasing your Melbourne Business’ Brand on Clear Windows

Window Graphics and Films

Attract shoppers and clients in Melbourne with Colourtech’s custom window graphics. Affordable, versatile, durable  and extremely effective, our window graphics will have your shopfront, vehicle or office windows making a statement and showcasing your branding quickly and easily.

Printed on strong, easy-to-use material using our specialty large-format printing techniques, custom window graphics come in a range of films, stickers and decals for use on a range of applications. No matter where you are located across the country, we have experts nearby who can assist with all your window graphics needs.


Digital Signs - Sleek Signage that Captures the Attention of Melbourne Shoppers and Passersby

Best Digital Signs

With so many consumers now shopping online, it’s more important for companies and retailers to offer the best face-to-face sales or service experience they can. 

Digital signage is the best tool for making a real difference to profits by providing an atmosphere that customers enjoy. In Melbourne, businesses from banking to retail, car sales, to fashion, and pharmacy, e.g. are turning to digital signage. 


Electronic Signs - Bright, Custom, Eye-catching Visuals that Promote your Melbourne Business or Event 

Electronic signs

Electronic signs cover a range of illuminated displays for advertising purposes. These include fluorescent signs, high intensity displays, LED signs, and neon signs. New technologies now make it possible to display clear and vivid images in an eye-catching manner. 

Electronic signs draw more attention with their crisp displays, so you can get your message across to more people. It’s no surprise that more businesses in Melbourne are opting for electronic signs given the benefits they offer and their cost effectiveness.


LED Signs - The Energy-Efficient Way to Light up the Indoors and Outdoors of your Business

Led signage

LED signs are flat panel displays that use light emitting diodes as pixels to display information. More businesses are now using LED signs to reach their customers with targeted messaging. Their energy efficiency makes them a more cost effective alternative to filament lights. Use our Melbourne-based custom LED signs in your business to increase brand awareness or highlight a new promotion. 


Neon Signs - For Bolder, Brighter, Lit up Signage in Melbourne

Neon signs


Neon signs are electric signs that have been helping businesses in Melbourne stand out for decades. The glass tubes are filled with gas which illuminates when a voltage is applied. Neon signs are incredibly adaptable with their design. The tubes can be bent into any shape and emit a wide array of colours. Whether to draw attention to a company logo or promote a new offer, custom neon signs can be a valuable addition to your signage suite. 


Illuminated Signs - High Quality, Custom Designed Signage that Helps your Business Stand Out in Melbourne

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are simply signage that is brightened with lights, such as LED or neon. Their bright illumination means that they stand out even during the day. Illuminated signs have numerous indoor and outdoor applications with unlimited customisation options. 


Light Box Signs - Ideal for Frequently Showcasing New Promotions and Events in Melbourne

light box signage

Light box signs are built with an exterior frame and a lighting source that illuminates a graphic from behind. This type of signage is extremely energy efficient as most utilise LED lights as the lighting source. These are great for businesses in Melbourne that regularly have promotions. 

They are also highly customisable as we have a wide variety of sizes and styles for sale. Make your brand more visible and increase footfall with custom signage from Colourtech.


Metal Signs - The Sturdy, Robust, Yet Versatile Signage Option for Melbourne Businesses

Metal Signs

Metal signs are a durable, long-lasting signage solution that offers businesses a way to promote their brand and reach their target audience. Our custom metal signs are made from lightweight aluminium and installation is as simple as mounting them to a wall. 

Here at Colourtech in Melbourne, we work with you at every step to deliver quality signage solutions from having your metal sign custom fabricated to getting it installed at your business premises. 


Wooden Signs - Premium Quality Signage that Boasts a Natural Feel for your Melbourne Business

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs are a valuable marketing tool to showcase your business. They add a warm and classic touch to your branding. Wooden signs have many practical applications from simple branding to promote your business to directional signs to point customers in the right direction. 


Shop Signs - Attracting Savvy Melbourne Window Shoppers

Shop Signs

Shop front signs are one of the most essential marketing tools for any retail store. These are promotional mediums that can attract more customers to your shop by drawing attention to your brand. Our signage services in Melbourne are completely customisable. We work closely with you at every step from design all the way through to installation. The end result is a high quality shop front sign that showcases your business.


Business Signs - For All Types of Businesses in Melbourne

Business Signs

Colourtech offers an extensive selection of signs for business. Reach your target audience with quality signage that showcases your brand in Melbourne. We specialise in custom business signs that combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional craftsmanship. From high tech electronic and digital displays to traditional metal and wooden signs, we offer a range of signage media that gets your business noticed.


Window Stickers - Adding a Creative Touch to your Office or Building Windows in Melbourne

Window Stickers

Window stickers are a great way for businesses with storefronts to attract more customers nearby with targeted messaging. Stick them on the window to promote the latest specials or to showcase new products. Their durability makes them a cost effective marketing tool that you can use to promote your business all year round. 


Window Decals - The Economic Signage Solution for Professional, Premium Quality Window Signage in Melbourne

Window Decals

Window decals are a cost effective way to convey what your business is about and attract customers nearby. A key distinction with decals and stickers is that decals can be transferred from one surface to another.

This makes them more reusable than stickers and can be removed without any unwanted residue. Window decals are typically printed on a durable vinyl material using weather and abrasion-resistant UV ink.


Screen Printing - Clean and Eye-catching Signage for All Businesses in Melbourne

Screen Printing

The screen printing process is relatively simple. Images are made into a stencil or stencils, depending on the design's intricacy and the number of colours. Screen printing can be done on curved shapes like cups or bottles, and non-porous surfaces like metals and ceramics.


Digital Printing - The Versatile Signage Solution to Showcase Stunning Digital Art for your Melbourne Business

Digital Printing

Digital printing methods differ from offset printing (offset uses a printing plate). With digital printing, digital-based designs or images are printed straight onto a variety of fabrics, underlying layers, or surfaces called ‘substrates’.

Digital printing machines can print on everything from heavyweight papers, folding cartons, thick cardstock to fabrics such as linen and polyester, plastics and other synthetic substrates. 


Offset Printing - For Melbourne Businesses Needing High Volumes of Quality Signage in Minimal Time

Offset Printing

The offset printing presses can print larger sheets and many pieces faster than digital printing presses. Offset is also best for large print runs and delivers accurate colour reproduction and a clean, professional result.

Our Services in Melbourne

  • Large format printing
  • Digital printing and offset printing
  • Screen printing
  • Wall graphics
  • Window graphics & films
  • Rollouts and branding print
  • Installation and fit-outs
  • Signage and illuminated signage
  • Pylon signage
  • Fabrication
  • Rollup units
  • Shape cutting



We Specialise In

  • Office fit outs
  • Retail shops
  • Shopping centres
  • Construction
  • Reception areas
  • Transport
  • Events


We Work With

  • Commercial builders
  • Project management companies
  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Brand agencies