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What Is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing


The screen printing process is relatively simple. Images are made into a stencil or stencils, depending on the design's intricacy and the number of colours. The stencil is then fitted into a frame set up on the printable item, and the first ink colour is pressed through with a squeegee. That colour is then allowed to dry before applying the next one, and this process is repeated. For each colour, a separate screen is prepared for each repetition. Screen printing can be done on curved shapes like cups or bottles, and non-porous surfaces like metals and ceramics. 


Screen Printing Supplies

Well before a product reaches the press, there’s quite a bit to do when screen printing. The artwork and screens need to be prepared for the prints. The pre-press necessities include:

  • A computer to create graphics

  • Printer and film 

  • Screens 

  • Emulsion

  • Drying racks

  • An exposure unit

  • A washout station 

For laying down prints:

  • A press 

  • Ink

  • Squeegees

  • Substrates

  • A flash cure unit  

Post-press, there's one vital piece of equipment needed for screen printing, which is the conveyor dryer. The ink must be heated to curing temperatures, so the dryer is essential. A sensor is also handy to check the curing temperature levels.


Budget Screen Printing

For the budget-conscious, screen-printed corflute signs are an effective, practical and versatile way to get your event or brand message across to potential customers. The same goes for screen printed A-frame signs, which are an economical way to promote your business and attract traffic to your shop or office.  A-frames, or sandwich boards, are double-sided, with hinges at the top so they can stand on a footpath, inside a building or wherever appropriate. They are folded up easily at the end of the day and stored for the next business day or future use. 


If you’re wondering, “Are there any screen printing services near me”, or if you're searching online for quality screen printed signage solutions nearby for your shop or business premises, Colourtech is the way to go. We offer superior service and exceptional results not only for our Melbourne clients but Australia-wide. Contact us on 1300 944 350 or email

What Is Screen Printing?