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What Is Offset Printing?

Offset Printing


Offset printing is a technique that involves transferring an image onto a metal plate or rollers from a rubber blanket before printing on the receiving substrate or surface, which is usually paper. The paper doesn’t come into contact with the metal plates. Offset printing is also known as offset lithography. With offset printing, the press must be set up for each different printing task, and a plate has to be created for each one of them. The process is more expensive than other print techniques, regardless of quantity, and cardboard, paper, plastic or other materials may be used, provided they have a flat surface. The upside is that offset printing presses can print larger sheets and many pieces faster than digital printing presses. Offset is also best for large print runs and delivers accurate colour reproduction and a clean, professional result. 


If you’re wondering, “Are there any offset printing services near me”, or if you're searching online for quality offset printed signage solutions nearby for your shop or business premises, Colourtech has every service you will need. We offer superior service and exceptional results not only for our Melbourne clients but Australia-wide and even across the world. Contact us on 1300 944 350 or email

What Is Offset Printing?