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Custom Neon Signs Melbourne

Neon signs


Neon signs are electric signs that have been helping Melbourne businesses stand out for years. The glass tubes are filled with gas which illuminates when a voltage is applied. Neon signs are incredibly adaptable with their design. The tubes can be bent into any shape and emit a wide array of colours. Whether you're wanting to draw attention to your company logo or promote a new offer in Melbourne, custom neon signs can be a valuable addition to your signage suite. Colourtech can build a signage solution that helps your Melbourne business reach more customers.

Neon Light Signs

Neon light signs not only have a versatile design, but also many practical uses. Use neon signs in a showroom to bring a cool vibe or in a commercial space to increase footfall to your Melbourne store. The bright colours help them stand out even in crowded areas as they are easy to spot at day and night. 

Neon Signs For Sale

Signage is an integral component of a branding strategy. Adding a neon sign to the premises can grow your business in Melbourne, as it draws more attention to your brand. We offer quality neon signs for sale that can be made into different shapes. We can even customise the glass tubes into letters, so you can light up a slogan or a promotional message. 

Affordable Neon Signs

Neon signs are quite durable as they can last up to ten years or longer. This means your initial investment pays for itself many times over. Once installed, a neon sign will continue to promote your brand and drive more customers to your business in Melbourne for years to come. If you are looking for affordable neon signs nearby, we can deliver a signage solution in Melbourne that fits your budget.

Neon Bar Signs

Neon signs are perfect for use in bars, restaurants, and diners in Melbourne. Install them outside the premises to show people passing by what’s available or inside to create a retro vibe. Our Melbourne signage experts can install neon bar signs anywhere for maximum visibility, whether directly on the wall or outside on a secure frame.

If you’re wondering, “Are there services for neon signs near me?”, or if you’re searching for custom neon light signs in Melbourne, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Colourtech offers high quality signage solutions that are tailored made for your business. Call us today on 03 9486 9774 or send an email to

Custom Neon Signs Melbourne